Annual River of Music Festival in High River

Annual River of Music Festival in High River
Bringing back the true heart, spirit, and soul of music!

The very first annual River of Music festival took place Saturday, May 16th, 2016 following the Little Britches Parade! Restoring the true heart, spirit, and soul of music, High River hopes to make this a reoccurring annual event that will boost the town and its surrounding areas community spirit!

This fun-filled afternoon featured a wide range of music, including, classical, folk, jazz, rhythm & blues, bluegrass, and country. Buskers filled the streets of Downtown High River sharing their music for all to hear! Busking opportunities, and an open mic for up and comers was opened to all age groups!

No matter the genre of music you prefer, what instrument you play or what songs you love to perform, we want you! Our goal for this event is to encompass the downtown area with music and to create an environment that every person can enjoy. We didn’t just stop at music either. We had spoken word and theatrical performances throughout the afternoon.

We are always looking for companies or individuals who are interested in sponsoring the event – either as a bronze, silver or gold sponsor. Depending on the level of sponsorship you provide, you could receive advertising on our website, advertising during the event (and during the parade), front page advertisement and mentions on our radio spots. We are also seeking volunteers to help with event organization, the day of production and musicians wanting to perform! Your help is crucial to the success of the event.

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If you would like more information on volunteer, sponsor and busking opportunities please contact Shawn Hansen.